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star-struck: from the scriptures to modern science

This is the golden age of the Brahman-Atman (universal soul-individual soul) relationship. Access to the Universe has historically been a metaphysical-only affair, in the way that the great yogis taught us.

But now we have physical access to it.

The understanding we gained and the beauty we found in outer space represent the peak of mankind in the context of our presence in the Universe.

Not all forms of yoga are practiced on a mat... here we dive into jñana, the yoga of knowledge. We need to bask in this light. We have

a chance to honour the gigantic efforts of those who made this possible,

of those who have dedicated and still dedicate their lives to elevating everyone’s awareness of what the Universe and life are all about.

The Star-struck series is an opportunity to understand the Cosmos better, to take uplifting thoughts in and to see stunning images of astronomical objects... all interspersed with wisdom from the ancient world. Talks include the use of multimedia and Q&A’s.

Prior knowledge is not required as we will be building up gradually and frequent references to fundamental concepts will be made, so you won’t  feel lost. You only need to bring your curiosity and enthusiasm.

In winter, early sunsets will also give us a chance to study the night sky... more on this later in the year.

From July 17th, this fortnightly event will be hosted at The Raven pub in Stamford Brook (W6, literally opposite the tube station).

Everything you need to know:

-- tickets cost £8.50 (link for booking provided upon registration)

-- talk starts at 19:15

-- aim to arrive 15-20 mins early to order food / drinks (not inc.)

-- we break at 19:50 (to get more drinks!)

-- talk ends at 20:30

For these events a separate list will be used - REGISTER HERE if you would like to attend.