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the universe for yogis - from Sept 17th, 7PM.

We are in the Golden Age of the Brahman-Atman (universal soul-individual soul) relationship. Access to the Universe has historically been a metaphysical-only affair, in the way that the great Yogis taught us.

But now we have physical access to it.

Our current understanding and the beauty we found in outer space represent the peak of humankind in the context of our presence in the Universe.

And what is our place in the Universe, exactly?

How do the celestial bodies we call planets work?

Why is Earth a unique world?

How do stars / galaxies work, and why do we credit them for shaping our destiny?

Knowledge of the Cosmos gives our existence a very special meaning and upgrades one’s outlook on life.

Prior experience is not required, we will be building up gradually with frequent references to fundamental concepts, so you won’t  feel lost. You only need to bring your curiosity and enthusiasm.

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To join, respond to the email if you have received one or


Additional information and instructions will be sent upon registration.

The course runs for 6 weeks over Zoom from September 17th at 7PM (£30) - sessions will be available for replay for one week following the live event.