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Whether you’re a complete beginner or you want to try, here are some points to consider:

        1. If you’re starting out, drop any ideas you might have about Yoga. It’s a very practical system and without practical experience you won't know what it is and what it can do for you. If you’re not a beginner, approach this system with an open mind.

        2. Yoga is not only for perfectly healthy people, who are born with the body of a gymnast or for those who are naturally flexible... it helps you work towards certain results.


        3. Both people with various conditions or injuries who were new to yoga and established yoga practitioners who have been injured by an incorrect yoga practice, have found great relief in this system.

        4. It is a discipline that covers all aspects of being human. You will be surprised what you will walk out with. Increased strength and better overall health are only the beginning.

        5. Yoga has proven to be one of the best antidotes to stress, which suppresses the immune system and renders people vulnerable to diseases of all kinds.

        6. Yoga works systematically to re-organise the activities of the mind in this era of distraction and it will help you focus on being in the present moment.

        7. Yoga is a very effective tool to help you stay calm during waking hours (when we are seeking a moment of quiet) and find proper rest at night, when your rest/relaxation patterns are compromised.

        8. Yoga is a science that helps you connect with nature and find a much needed true inner peace.

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Why Yoga?

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