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THE ASTRORETREAT - Aruba, southern Caribbean sea

24 nov - 1 dec 2018   (7 nights)

Where is the spirit of Yoga going to take you this year?

Since the days of the bigwigs debating whether it’s the Sun that goes around the Earth or the other way round, we have learnt a lot.

Indeed, what we now know about our Universe (or Multiverse?!) is so ‘exotic’ that it can even be unsettling - as it can be that in an era dominated by science, some Scriptures of the ancient world turn out to be incredibly accurate. Nonetheless, what science has to offer to us today can also leave us transfixed in absolute wonder.

In this retreat, we focus exactly on matching ancient philosophy with up-to-date scientific knowledge - a task that deserves to be undertaken in a location nothing short of exceptional.

Calling Aruba a paradise wouldn’t be an exaggeration: marvellous fauna, flora and weather with a pleasant average daytime temperature of 27ºC at the time of the retreat - you’ll want to shred your return ticket.

This full immersion in a paradisiacal beauty is offered to practitioners to make further progress on the path of Yoga.

We’ll also engage in nocturnal activities where we can tap a kind of beauty hardly visible in the daylight... please read on.

Let us not forget, however, that a retreat is not a holiday but a chance to dive deeper into the system and take the extra leap, which is hardly possible in the comfort of our conventional, familiar surroundings.

Raja Flow Yoga retreats are nothing but legs of a spiritual journey, and while some yogis have been in the nectareous flow for quite a while, some might not know what to expect.

Practitioners who have never been on a Raja Flow Yoga retreat will be invited to take an informal interview to help determine their suitability.


As ever, the retreat will encompass the full Yoga spectrum: satsang (spiritual discourse), pranayama (breathing), asana (poses), dharana+dhyana (meditation), nidra (deep relaxation).

All the practices offered are embedded in the Raja Flow sequencing system and framework, found to be very beneficial by most practitioners. But it should be borne in mind that retreat practices are not the equivalent of “yoga classes” in a different location and might require alterations to our mental approach - attendees will be given some advice to maximise the benefits of the experience.

In this retreat, we’ll also be watching relevant video clips in our private cinema, and we’ll be enjoying observations of the night sky with specialistic equipment.


We will benefit from exclusive use of the entire resort for our retreat - with all modern amenities provided, including resort-wide wifi and washing machine.

As if Aruba weren’t exotic enough, the resort has been styled to recreate the exotic feel of an Asian jungle.

It has stunning outdoors areas for enjoyment and relaxation, including a natural cave, 2 pools, a yoga pavilion, a cinema, a tennis court, an outdoor gym and a fantastic main hall comprising a pool lounge, a sunken living room, a billiard table, porch dining room & bar and a waterfall pool.

Although there is hardly any reason to leave this oasis, just minutes away you can find: beaches (5-10mins by car), supermarkets (American, European and Chinese), grocery stores, banks and ATM’s, medical clinics, casual dining options and top restaurants.


Unlike all previous retreats, on this occasion, there will be a greater degree of freedom, as a few options have been left open for you to choose which way your enjoyment is going to go.

As for a great place to stay and Yoga, you’re covered. As for all the rest, you can choose when and where to get your food fix, including going to shops and making your own food (yes, we’ll have an outdoor kitchen, visible in one of the pictures below), and where on the island to wander, if you’d like losing yourself in paradise.

It is strongly recommended practitioners observe a vegetarian diet during the retreat and in the time leading up to it - if this isn’t your usual diet some advice can be provided to help you arrive prepared.


Accommodation is nothing short of superb, as you can see below.

Spaces on this retreat, however, are very limited and all suites are available to share. Single options are possible, although it is recommended to share a room with a friend to keep costs contained.

Options are as follows:

  1. Beach suite - with king size bed (sleeps 2), sofa and bathroom to be shared with Room 4;

  2. Pool suite - with king size bed (sleeps 2), sofa and bathroom;

  3. Garden suite - with king size bed (sleeps 2), sofa and bathroom;

  4. Room #4 - kings size bed (sleeps 2), trundle bed (2 separate mattresses, sleeps 2), bathroom shared with the beach suite/

COST BY ACCOMMODATION - early bird (see T&C’s below)

Beach suite   = £890 p/p    (2 ppl sharing king size bed - share bathroom
                         with Room #4)

Pool suite      = £890 p/p    (2 sharing king size bed)

Garden suite  = £890 p/p    (2 sharing king size bed)

Room #4       = option 1 - £1,040 p/p (2 ppl, 2 separate beds)

                         option 2 - £520 p/p (4 ppl, each sharing bed)
                         (bathroom shared with Beach suite)

COST BY ACCOMMODATION - Full cost (see T&C’s below)

Beach suite   = £990 p/p    (2 ppl sharing king size bed - share bathroom
                         with Room #4)

Pool suite      = £990 p/p    (2 sharing king size bed)

Garden suite  = £990 p/p    (2 sharing king size bed)

Room #4       = option 1 - £1,190 p/p (2 ppl, 2 separate beds)

                         option 2 - £595 p/p (4 ppl, each sharing bed)
                         (bathroom shared with Beach suite)


  1.     7 nights in luxury resort;

  2.     All yoga tuition (2 sessions a day with 1 half-day off);

  3.     Yoga mats are provided, unless you prefer to bring your own;

  4.     Observations of the night sky on selected nights with equipment;

  5.     Use of all the areas and facilities of the resort: pools, lounges, living    
          room, cinema, bar, kitchen, washer and dryer, office, yoga pavilion, 
          meditation cave, gym, beach tennis court, mega chess;

  6.     Coffee capsules for Nespresso machine;

  7.     Resort-wide wifi;

  8.     Utilities within reasonable limits (electricity is extremely dear on this
          island and extra charges may apply for high energy consumption);

  9.     Aruba Tourist Tax;

  10.     Aruba Environmental Tax.


  1.     Flights and travel insurance;

  2.     Food and drinks (other than coffee);

  3.     Visa charges (most nationalities don’t need one);

  4.     Transport from and to the airport.


  1.    Something to cover your eyes during relaxation - a sleeping mask
         or a scarf would be perfect;

  2.     A notepad and a pen;

  3.     Sunscreen and mosquito repellent (although mosquitoes don’t seem   
          to be much of a problem and the premises are fumigated weekly to
          ward off insects);


  1. 1.Fly to Queen Beatrix International Airport, Oranjestad and arrive at your leisure, any time on Saturday 24th November. Check-in is after 4PM.

  2. 2.Transport is not pre-arranged but coordination efforts will be made. Participants arriving around the same time will be put in contact, if they’re willing to share a taxi (15-20mins, approx. $25 one way - max 5 people per car).

  3. 3.Enjoy the sojourn!

  4. 4.Check-out is by 11AM on Saturday 1st December.


A. Contact us to request a participation form and pay a £450 deposit to    
    hold your spot.    
    This is non-refundable, except in the event of retreat cancellation;

B. Remaining balance to be paid by 5th June for the early bird offer
    or by 7th August if paying full cost;

C. In the event of change of circumstances, if you’re unable to attend after
     finalizing your booking you will receive a full refund, provided you find a
     person who will take your place on the retreat.


The viability of the retreat depends on minimum participation so the sooner bookings are finalized, the sooner the retreat can be confirmed.

Please do not book your flights before you have received confirmation.

Should minimum participation not be reached, you will receive a full refund of the fees paid.